Digital Printing

Digital Printing is revolutionizing the traditional decor business. This technology differs from traditional printing methods – such as rotogravure printing – in its limitless combinations of colour combinations, design structures and image repeat while ensuring very similar product requirements compared to traditionally printed decor paper. In short, a digital printer works by converting décor data images directly into genuine decor paper. Chiyoda offers digitally printed designs which are perfectly aligned with traditionally printed decors. Depending on the customers’ wishes and expectations during the development stage of a new design, it can be decided to remain digitally printed or go into rotogravure production at any later stage in the life cycle of the new creation. The biggest advantage of digital décor printing probably is the almost infinite possibilities in terms of design creation, colour gammut range and the (very) small lot sizes (MOQ) this technology can handle. Adding up the time-to-market for new introductions is a lot shorter plus a much higher supply flexibility both in order size and order repeat. When compared to rotogravure printing, the digital printing technology and the resulting products provide a perfect addition to our range of services and products.

A Selection of Digital Decors

Woven Wood



Flower Marble

Abstract Lines