Laser Engraving

The direct laser engraving system uses a nano-laser beam to create a high-resolution decor image into the surface of a printing or embossing cylinder. The variety in depth and shape of the produced cells offer an unlimited range of possibilities to achieve the highest printing definition of decors and the use of special effect pigments. Laser engraved printing cylinders guarantee the highest contour sharpness for image reproduction in rotogravure printing. For each grade of decorative substrate whether paper based, film or pre-treated materials for indoor and exterior use, laser engraving offers a unique technology to achieve the best print result Besides the high precision of laser engraving, the depth of the engraved cells can be seen as ‘unlimited’ compared to conventional engraving technologies. These mm-size depths opens new paths for the manufacturing of nature-realistic surface embossing effects.

Laser Engraving Machine