Whistleblower policy

The law of 28 November 2022 on the protection of reporters of breaches of Union or national law established within a legal entity in the private sector, transposes the European Whistleblower Directive 2019/1937.

The law provides protection to any person who has obtained information about a serious problem regarding possible irregularities or misconduct at a private company in a work-related context and wishes to report it.

The whistleblowing policy, which is further explained in the whistleblowing policy below, aims to provide transparency to employees and third parties on the existing channels to report such (alleged) irregularities within CHIYODA EUROPA NV without having to follow the normal hierarchical route.

In this way, CHIYODA EUROPA NV wishes to take action against any illegal, deceptive or other unauthorized practices or actions that fall under the company’s control, to ensure an independent and confidential investigation and to avoid any conflicts of interest.

However, this arrangement does not imply an obligation to report, but a possibility for employees of CHIYODA EUROPA NV and third parties to report irregularities within the company, with the application of  certain safeguards.

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